• A time of year, usually in October, when Mark designs 50 Crypids from 50 states during a one-month period.

Origin: From (English usage 2015; coined my Mark C. Eberhardt on Instagram).




  • Any creature that may or may not exist. Sightings of various cryptids have been reported, but their reality has not been proved.

Origin: From (English usage 1983; coined by John E. Wall in the ISC Newsletter).

West Virginia - Mothman.jpg
Indiana - Mill Race Monster.jpg
Arkansas - Fouke Monster.jpeg
Idaho - Paddler.jpg
California - Ghost Deer.jpeg
Alaska - A-Mi-Kuk.jpg
Iowa - Van Meter Visitor.jpg
Illinois - Enfield Monster.jpg
Massachusetts - Dover Demon.jpg
Ohio - Loveland Frogs.jpg
Hawaii - Dole Giant.jpg
Oregon - Colossal Claude.jpg
Rhode Island - Puckwudgie.jpg
Kentucky - Pope Lick Monster.jpg
Minnesota - Wendigo.jpg
Mississippi - Pascagoula Elephant Man.jpg